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with love:

As a self manager,


given funding to manage my own attendant care, I feel it is my responsibility to do my best for myself and those I can impact in my life.


I have learned that perspective is a big key to success in life and I can demonstrate limitless possibility and potential in a very limited body.


I am a personal autonomy advocate and a disability consultant. I strive to help people to see beyond their limited perspective freeing them to achieve their ultimate potential giving them lasting happiness, fulfillment and peace. #NEURODIVERGENT


I focus my attention and intentions towards loving and caring for others within my reach.


What I Do and Ways I serve: Inspiration Cu-ration

Motivational Speaking          Family Mediation          Copy Writer

Web & Print Designer           Social Networking         Manager/Booking Agent

Travel Counsellor                  Karaoke Singer               Tutor/Mentor

Heath & Wellness

Video & Entertainment Producer          Disability Advocate/Consultant

Marketing & Communications Coordinator & Associate


Trauma Counsellor using talk therapy for people crippled by fear, anxiety and depression. I listen with compassion and understanding to facilitate an opening for people to see other perspectives and possibilities.

Free Initial Consultation

Call or text anytime... 5192097415

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